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Some Tips On Buying A 36G Bra

Buying a 36g bra can be such a chore if you don’t know where to look. Since shopping malls and local stores usually have a limited supply of available bra sizes, women with big busts are left with buying the wrong sizes.

Unfortunately, if you are going to wear the wrong size of bra, you run the risk of having health problems like back aches and neck pain. Don’t let this underwear trouble happen to you – be smart enough to buy the right 36g bra size for you!

I don’t know about you but if you want to be like me who isn’t bothered about overflowing breasts, unsupportive bras and (place all your bra dilemmas here), then heed these helpful suggestions that I have:

Suggestion 1

Before buying a bra 36g try to first measure yourself up. I have always taken this advice very seriously because I also know that this is very important. If you are really that serious too of finding the appropriate bra for you, use this advice of the experts: take the right bra measurement. Don’t you know? According to studies 2/10 women are wearing the wrong size of bra.

Suggestion 2

If you are unsure of the measurement, talk to a bra specialist or pay a visit to a doctor (preferably an ob-gyne specialist). An expert in the field can give you more details and recommendations.

Suggestion 3

Bras come in different kinds depending on their use. For instance, there are 36g sports bras bandeaus, push-up bras, 36g nursing bra or maternity bras and the like. Usually, if I will go shop for a bra, I already have in mind the style that I’m going to buy. In this way, I am saving myself some extra effort.

Suggestion 4

If I am going to shop online for bras, I don’t let myself be fooled of the pictures shown. Most of the time, the pictures posted online do not really present reality. A bra may look good on the model but not for me. Plus, a 36g bra may fit well for the model but not for me –  so what I do is that I really check on this with the manufacturer or supplier or better yet, I check for bra reviews online.

Suggestion 5

Some Tips On Buying A 36G BraAnother reminder when buying bras online, there are different sizes available for women across various races. Yes, your race also determines your size (except for some cases), so if you are Asian, it is good to ask from the supplier if they have a bra for Asians (the same is true for Americans and British women).


Buying a 36g bra size is not really that hard as compared to buying bras of higher sizes like 40a bras. However, I’d like to highlight the fact that there are a lot of things that a woman should consider before buying an undergarment for her breasts – she needs to be aware that a bra that does not only have a good design or style but offers support and comfort is a good find.

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