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30D Bra Collection And Debunking Some Myths About Bras

Under Garments

I really consider my collection of 30D bras very valuable because of the kind of support they provide me literally and figuratively, if youknow what I mean. I really believe women should invest in good under garments since it is an essential part of our daily outfit. True fashion lies beneath those trendy clothes. With that, here are some common myths that I would like to share and debunk.

Breast Cancer And Bra Size

I recently learned that neither the size nor the tightness of a bra affects the likelihood or risk for getting breast cancer. Although there are a lot of claims supporting the popular notion, there is no established scientific basis to support the claim for more on this, check out this great post sleeping in bras. However, despite this, you shouldn’t get used to the idea of wearing a bra that is one size smaller or bigger than your actual one.

The pain and discomfort that ensues is still something that you shouldn’t tolerate. Always find the perfect fitting bra size for you. Whenever I do my bra shopping, I’d always look for a 30D bra, regardless of the design. Still considering the bra sizes, another myth about bras is that there’s a standard size for all. This isn’t true because it is a case by case basis for all women.

One size that perfectly fits one woman might not have the same fit for another.

Sleeping With Your Bra On

30d Bra Collection And Debunking Some Myths About BrassieresWhile I really don’t like sleeping with my bra on, it is a necessity to prevent sagging. This is another common myth about wearing bras. Some claim that when you sleep with a bra on, it will enhance your breasts’ figure. Studies reveal that wearing a bra at night, as long as it does not show any discomfort, has no adverse effect on the breasts.

Moreover, the most important part of the bras is the band. It is not the underwire and cup that provide utmost support but the band. Hence, if you want to find the most perfect bra that fully supports your bust, find one that hugs your body and torso perfectly.

What To Look For

Although there are a lot of myths and hearsay about wearing under garments, what’s important is finding the most comfortable ones. Quality should be your number one priority in looking for a bras. I always make sure that I choose the sturdiest and softest materials in buying a bra.

You are going to be in your bra the entire day, so it shouldn’t be among your worries. In addition to that, you should also choose the proper style for the right occasion. I usually wear my 30D strapless bra for parties and special occasions to make sure I don’t have any funny looking straps peeping from beneath my outfit. Also take note of the color that you pair it with. Try to stick with skin tones if you want to achieve that invisible look.

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